Saturday, December 26, 2009

Updates and awards…

It has been a while that I posted something..Of course I didn’t know what to blog and have been bit busy off late..Even considered giving up blogging..But few of my friends asked me many times to keep on blogging..So I thought it’s about time that I wrote something here..

So here’s a quick update of what I’d been upto in the last few months..

--Finished my 2nd year at college with flying colours..**Despite all my pessimism :)) **

--Then been on a holiday trip to Malaysia for few weeks..

--Celebrated my B’day at home with my parents after 3 long years..Got lucky at long last.:) **Hemz did a lovely post on my b’day..You can read it here..Thanks a ton Hemz..:)) **

--Now on holidays and eagerly waiting for my 3rd year clinical attachments which would be commencing in Jan..

And..While I was away I received a few awards here from Saranya..At last I collected them..late as always..:P

freakingfabulousaward Saranya


Thanx a lot for passing on the awards sanu.. I’d like to pass on these awards to all of my blogger friends..

**Today is the 5th anniversary of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami disaster..Let us all pray for the lost souls to rest in peace..**

**Merry christmas everyone..Hope you all had a fabulous day..**

Have a great week end everyone..:))

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

You know you are a Medical Student when…

I found thins list in the FB page of one of my friends..It may seem  funny to some..But  as a medico I think these are mostly correct:))  I’ve edited a few points which I thought were not so applicable and added some of my own..

1. You wake up at 6am on a weekend although you don't have   work.

2. You feel there is something wrong if you don't have an exam coming up.mban2615l

3. Can’t relax

4. Can wiz through a 500 page book in a day

5. Are expected to know everything.

6. You know the size of a RBC.

7. You are always tired.

8. Watch scrubs and laugh at yourself.

9. When you write more than a thousand words a day.

10. When you look at a person on the beach and the first thing you notice is their appendectomy scar.ksmn1266l

11. If you thought you have a disease you are studying about.

12. Right before exams, you have a hard time remembering why you want to be a doctor

13. You contemplate anything between dropping out and suicide after you finish each exam, even before knowing the results.

14. Your eyesight has worsened by 10 pts or more in the last year

15. You find yourself always carrying a pen even if you're on a night out.

16. You don’t understand why summer vacation is only one month, although summer itself is three months. 

17. If people call you doctor.ggun249l

18. If you can't remember what you ate they day before! but still manage to remember the blood results of every single patient you have.

19. Don't understand what people mean when they talk about the "hospital smell".

20. You count the days till your next more-than-two-days-weekend-break, which is at least 4 months away.

21. You are always thinking about the next job.

22. Are expected to be in two places at the same time. sma0028l

23. Use the phrase "I am a doctor" to get away with something

24. You are more familiar with last names such as Netter, Moore, Grant, Guyton, Robbins, etc than the last names of your classmates

25.  Have no sense of time, place, or matter! rdin313l


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Silver Jubilee..


My Parents celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary on September 1st 2009. The above article is from a local newspaper (Virakesari). I wanted to write a post wishing my parents on their anniversary. But couldn’t do it on time coz of my exams. Better late than never..So here it is. My hearty wishes to a wonderful couple :))

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. You are the best couple I’ve ever known. Wishing you both a life time of Happiness and Love :))

Just can't begin to tell
how much your love
means and how important
it is to keep our
family so happy, too
that's why, on
your anniversary...
Here's hoping that your love
keeps growing more and more
all life through.

                                       YOUR LIVES ARE
                                   TRULY TREASURED.

                                      HAPPY ANNIVERSARY
                                              MOM AND DAD !

                        You two are the BEST PARENTS :*

Here is a small slide show with my parents photos –Directed by me of course :))

[All these are recent photos. I wanted to add some old photos. But unfortunately I dont have any old photos with me here in Batti..So.. :( ]


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back to Blogsville..!

I’m back at last!! Just finished my phase 1 life sucking examinations. I did the exams very badly..Anyway, I hope to scrape at least a  ‘pass’ in every module.

Thanks to everyone who visited my blog even in my absence..even though I wasn't  visiting your blogs and Thanks a lot for allll your comments :) . Will reply to all of them soon. I’ll be catching up with all your posts from now on..

Have a nice Week end everyone! :)


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Time to celebrate..!!


A wedding is coming!
Come celebrate
With the groom and the bride

I’m dedicating this post to my first ever blogger friend – The ultimate Hemz bond! Thanks to my dear friend Saranya, through whom I got his acquaintance.

Hemanth, the most eligible bachelor got engaged to the luckiest girl – Lakshmi on the 23rd of this month.. And they are getting married on August 12th.


Wishing you both a happy marriage 
and hoping that your
life together will be rich
in joy and love…


Before getting to know hemz, I never believed in the virtual world friendship..I didn't understand how unknown people could get closer through internet..But hemz taught me how..he proved me that even in virtual world, you can find a true friend..

But I must say true friends like him are very hard to find.. I’m so lucky to have stumbled upon such a sweet person.

He always wishes happiness and luck for everyone..So I’m sure he himself will get all the happiness and luck in the world. Good luck hemz..Have a jolly good married life..:))

Here is a wedding toast to hemz and lakshmi..

May they find in each otherHTR045
the perfect partner for life's adventure..

May their marriage be filled with happiness
exceeding their wildest dreams…
May they see again each and every day…
all the qualities in the other
that made them fall in love and marry….
And may they always be grateful…
for life's greatest gift--
a marriage based on true love….
May your true love give both of you
joy, and peace, and satisfaction

Once again hemz, My hearty wishes for your wedded life. These are important days of your life..Enjoy the fullest..!!


There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage. ~ Martin Luther

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Negligence and insomnia..

I’ve been such a big procrastinator…so that now I’m struggling to finish my revision in time before the exams..Already feeling overworked and exhausted..Every time I find myself in such a situation, I resolve that I would never ever leave my works till the last minute…But again..alas..I neglect my resolution..postpone things….and struggle with work load in the last minute and suffer with insomnia. Nowadays my brain is so full of physiology and pathology…and its buzzing all the time.. so that I’ve become an insomniac. :(

Well anyway, I hadn’t been much around in blogs Ville for weeks now..That's because I moved to a new place  and it took so long for the telecom people to move my telephone line and ADSL. They couldn't find a loop nearby my house. By the time they managed to give me the ADSL connection, I was on the verge of getting drowned by my studies..

I haven't read any of your blogs lately…I’m so sorry friends..I’ll catch up with allll your posts soon.  As for now, I have to finish revising for my semi exams which are scheduled next week and for my phase1 exams which will begin in August 1st week.

Here is a nice video about procrastination. Its funny..but very true :)

Have a nice week end..!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Is this really the END..?


I thought a long time about whether or not I was going to comment on any of this.. In the end I decided that I should speak my mind..I should speak about what’s really happening around me in my country..

The Srilankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa declared yesterday,in the parliment, Victory in the country’s 30year civil war against LTTE.. Today has been declared as a public holiday over the nation to celebrate the victory.

Following are a few quotes from the president’s speech-

"We have won and restored democracy in the country."

"a new country ... a new nation,"

"the defeat of Tamil terrorism ... a victory for the Tamil people."

Also the Sri Lankan military has released pictures of Tamil Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran which it says prove conclusively that he is dead. There were too many contradictory announcements by the Army, which aroused many doubts over the reliability of the news. The BBC says- “ The government argues that there are perfectly innocent explanations for the differing accounts of Prabhakaran's death - that in war time what is happening on the battlefront can sometimes get confused.”

Now..Is this really the END? has the war really come to an END? Is the suffering of Tamils over yet? Does this mean an end to the conflict in SL?

My answer is “NO”.

The Srilankans are dancing in the streets, firing fire crackers, playing bands and songs, burning models of prabhakaran, and so on..They are celebrating. Not all the Srilankans are celebrating though.  I mean, what is there to celebrate really? This wauntitledr has brought nothing but loss and death on both sides.   So many innocent Singhalese and Tamils have lost their lives. Suicide bombings and Artillery attacks!! The nation is floating in a river of blood and violence.  This war turned out nothing but a terrible genocide.

Recently I had the opportunity to interact with the Tamil casualties  brought by ship from the war zone to Trinco. They said that they had been held back by the tigers in the war zone as human shields…They blame tigers for many deaths. Anyway, were they relieved to have escaped from there? No they were still worried..if possible, more than before..They were worried about the Army ..They were all considered by the army as LTTE..Even a small baby with amputated limbs..!!  They don’t feel safe anywhere. Why they are condemned to feel insecure in their own mother nation?capt_eb6f6629d8b942e88d05be4f4bba4582_sri_lanka_tamil_civilians_xej103 

What is the future of these people? They have suffered severely in this devastating war..They suffered loss because of both the tigers and the SL army. Nobody cared for their lives. Now they are left with nothing but despair. They have no hope about their future. It worries me to think what’s next?


Although the nation is celebrating the Victory, the suffering of the Tamils is far from over. 

Here are some incidents which show how the future is going to be -

**As soon as the news of victory reached the nation, the Singhalese people started to threaten the innocent Tamils who live among them. I was in Colombo when this news reached the public. Me and my brother were walking out from KFC, and there was a group of Tamil boys walking before us with handful of  chocolates. Then there came a group of boys, apparently Singhalese, in a van, playing loud Singhalese song.  One of the boys in the van opened the van door and kicked the boys walking before us & laughed as they fell down. Then they screamed some very rude words at us and drove away.  I was SHOCKED! I never expected this. That was just an example of what’s happening here now.

**All over the nation, those who don’t have a National Flag flying out in their houses or workplaces are being brutally attacked. I’m now back in Batticaloa and here they are handing out National flags in the streets and ordering people to hoist them at their houses. I ask you, Is this what you call ‘democracy’? Is this what you call as the ‘Victory’? 


Now there are more than 300000 internally displaced people in the Vavuniya camps. No international media or international help workers are allowed in there. Nobody knows what’s going to happen to those people..What's their future?

War cannot bring peace. No way. Even though the so called civil war may seem to have come to an end, it really is not. As long as the Tamils and Singh42-18497938alese don't learn to live together, as long as they consider each other as a threat, as long as the Tamils are deprived of their right to live in this nation, this war will never come to an end. 

 Unless the Tamils and Singhalese learn to share and live together, so many Prabhakaran’s will rise..&.the war will continue…Unless the Tamils & Singhalese understand that they are children of same land and therefore siblings, they will continue to hurt and kill each other…more innocent lives will be lost..

Why are the Tamils considered as invaders in their own mother land? Why do we need to separate the land? Why can’t we all live together in a united SriLanka?  Why can’t we love each other and live in harmony? Why is it so hard to LOVE??? Why is it so hard to bring PEACE??

The nation which worships Buddha and his teachings  is covered in blood  now..His teachings lay forgotten..Only the God knows the answers..He only know whether this nation will ever get rid of its blood stains and enmity.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Long Hot Summer & the desert island question


Finally it is raining here..Not so heavy ..just little drizzles..But it  feels wonderful to have cooler climate for a change.. The temperature had been so high for many weeks now..always around 32 degree C. It was like sitting in an oven the whole time..The sun was so hot and burning…Imagine having to go out in this weather!!!

It is so hot even in the mornings and the nights are even hotter. No need to use water heater in the morning , coz the tank water is always sooo hot . So instead, you definitely need a water cooler in the bathroom to prevent getting burned up by the hot hot water!

The worst part of it is that 2 days ago, we had a  power cut in the night which lasted for about 3 hours!! 3 looong hotttt darkk hours..Omg! I thought I would die coz of the intense humidity and heat.

Thank goodness..I survived that heat & humidity and I’m still alive..!!

Anyhoodle…this recent ordeal without electricity left me thinking about things that really matter nowadays.. Comforts and luxuries that have become part of our lives that we consider them as essentials..

So I decided to make my own list of must haves, say if I were stranded on a desert island. (I got this idea after reading Tia’s list of must-haves..) what would I really NEED to survive? What could I never live without?  And if these items were narrowed down to a choice of only five, what would I choose to have?

Here we go-

1. My laptop..Now am I supposed to survive without it?  How else could I check my mails, Write this blog, keep in touch with friends..etc? How?? *Well I’m assuming here that I’ll have wi-fi on this desert island ;)  *


2. Insect killer spray!! *You know..I’m very much scared of insects, esp- roaches..and from what I’ve seen in discovery and animal planet, the deserts house many of those insects..Can’t imagine myself staying anywhere without an insect killer*ist2_2052489-the-cockroach

3. Edward Cullen..:)) *Hoping Bella doesn’t get to know about this*     He is the best companion for a girl in a desert island.

Coz he sparkles in the sun, thus attracting passing planes and boosting chances of rescue….  he's cold-skinned so he would be able to keep you cool in even the hottest of tropical temperatures; AND he adds beauty to the surrounding scenery :))  276348~Robert-Pattinson-Posters

4. Mc-Donald's restaurant *C’mon..I need to eat and drink..So why shouldn’t it be my favourite?* As this is MY desert island list, I feel as though I'm entitled to bring whatever I want…hehe:)r219003_857634 5. A luxury cottage..*Duh..I can’t always hang around in sun..Too much sun is not good for skin..and I need somewhere to charge my laptop..Besides..this is MY list, remember? ;))..         * And, dont worry about  Edward, He can share with me ;)) :P ist2_2630797-master-bedroom

Well..that’s my desert island list. What is yours?? :)

Have a great week everyone!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

The new Vodafone ads..!

I love the new Vodafone ads shown between IPL matches. Those are so simple and appealing. The creativity amazes me..

Here are a few of those..:)

Its Vesak Full moon Poya day here. So I’m enjoying my time at home.

Have a Happy Weekend everyone..! :)

Monday, April 27, 2009


I’ve been tagged by Saranya and I should write 25 random things about me. Thanks Sanu!


"Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about YOU. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you."

Ok, lets get this done-

  1. I tend to be very possessive and protective of the ones I love and care about. But I’m very poor at expressing my love and care.
  2. I hate that people judge me before they get to know me. *Don’t judge people based on pre-conceived perceptions or rumors, judge them by the interactions you’ve actually had.*
  3. I am terrible at ‘grown-up’ stuff. Really unorganized with bills, receipts and stuff. *This is what happens when you always live under the protective wings of your parents, not bothering to see how things are done *
  4. I love dogs..all of them. I even talk to them like I talk to people, which many of my friends find as a weird habit. *I dunno..I think dogs are better companions than people, to share with..*
  5. I’m extremely scared of cockroaches. They freak me out, no matter small or big. * I HATE them!!!* I must say, I’m afraid of alllllll sorts of insects of all sizes. But cockroaches always deserve the top spot.
  6. I often drop my mobiles accidently, though I’m not that accident-prone with other things.Its just the mobiles. *No believe me, those are ‘really’ accidents..not ‘planned’ throws , so that dad will get me new mobile.*
  7. I’m a shopaholic!! *Now.. really, its coz of my dad..! Bless him… he always buys me whatever I like, even before I could ask him*
  8. The only non-vegetarian food I eat is anything prepared with chicken meat or chicken egg..
  9. I once got lost in Singapore airport when I was 5. *And that’s bcz I decided to wander off to the duty-free shops, unnoticed by anyone while mom & dad were engaged in a conversation with their cousin whom they’ve met after many years*
  10. I enjoy watching ghost movies and horror movies, sitting alone in the midnight.
  11. I’m verrry bad in punctuality. Always get late for everything. Such a poor time-management.
  12. I hate reading maps...
  13. I still have trouble in reversing my car without the aid of reversing detectors..I always rely on those detectors.
  14. I didn’t talk with my mom and didn’t eat anything for a whole week coz she scolded our puppy for peeing in the living room * I mean, he was just a ‘baby’..well anyway, I wasn’t a baby though- I was 18 then..*
  15. I don’t know how to swim yet..I’m so keen to learn soon.
  16. I HATE talking on the phone . Don’t even like ordering pizza through the phone..:)). Anyhoodle..I’m bit better now, coz I can talk long enough to order food :))
  17. I don’t like to read e-books or e-papers.
  18. I enjoy going through our old photo albums again and again.
  19. I want everything around me to be well organized, clean and neat. Otherwise, I find it very hard to concentrate on my work. *I could never concentrate on my studies in the library,Unless the books on my table are neatly arranged..So I always arrange my whole library table before getting to read..:) and so ‘coz of this I rarely read in the library*
  20. I have a collection of all the greeting cards I’ve ever received from my friends and family.
  21. I sing only when there’s nobody around :))
  22. When I was in grade 5, I got an award in our school sports meet for ‘long jump’, in which I never took part..!! I was confused to hear my name announced..but my house captain made me to go and get the prize.
  23. When I was a kid I learnt Bharatanatyam (Type of classic dance) for 5 years and did many stage and tv performances..But never had the guts to take any grade exams on it.
  24. I still don’t know how to make a tea or coffee.
  25. I don’t use any kind of shoulder bags or hand bags..But I buy loads of them :)

I’m done!! At last.

I’m not going to tag anyone in particular..Coz almost everyone has done this before me..So anyone interested can take this up..:)

Happy monday, everyone *Now please don’t throw things at me ;))*

Have a great week!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Awards Time..!

I’ve been honored with some awards recently. I was bit late (as always) on grabbing them though :)

My first ever award in blogsville is from Pratap – The Honest Scrap Award!

Thanks a lot pratap..:)


My 2nd award is from Hemanth & Saranya.. They’ve both given me The Cute’s blogger award. Thanks a lot buddies :)


And..there’s another award which I almost failed to bag! That’s the Online friends award from Priya Joyce. Thanks a lot PJ. And thanx again for reminding me of the award :)

Yamini's Award

Now I pass on these awards to all my blogsville friends and to all those whose blogs I read regularly.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A quick update..

I haven't been around here much lately. It’s now more than a month since I last posted anything here..I got lost among my studies..I let the works overpower me..I couldn't find any time to wander around here. But Its no excuse of course. I could have found time if I had wanted to. I’m so bad with time management so that I find 24 hours per day is not enough!

Well anyway..I’ve been feeling a bit low for a while . Don't know why exactly. Might be my workload, Homesick..or anything else.I’ve been so lousy that I didn’t read any blogs lately. I’ll catch up with everyone’s posts soon.

So here is a quick update of what I had been up to since my last post-

*I went home a week after my last post..and stayed there for a week! Yeyy!! Had a pretty good week there. I made some faluda and pudding! *Yeah I know it sounds a bit unreal*. But it is true.

My first time in kitchen- turned out pretty good. Only my mom had any trouble with it- She was worried that I might burn something . So she had been tottering around in kitchen while I was working there :P

Here are few pictures of the results of my 1st kitchen trial-


Apple Moss Pudding

*I’ve spilled the apple cream I made :( So I decorated it with real apples instead! :) *




Same Faluda :P


Mango Flavored Faluda ;)


* Then , now I’m back in batti. Once again immersed in my studies. My phase 1 examinations are looming close (scheduled for July).

* I’ve got a tag to do. Courtesy- Saranya ;)

*I’ve cut my hair. Little above waist length. *Anyhoodle, it is growing back pretty quickly*

*I’ve managed to watch some movies – Outlander, City of Ember, Yes Man, Slumdog Millionaire, Pan’s Labyrinth, Beverly hills Chiwawa, Unborn, confessions of a shopaholic, and Marley and Me.

Apart from all this, life is getting on annoyingly usual..I’m pretty bored..

Have a Great week ahead everyone!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

And...Another semester swings in..!

Heyya everyone! It feels good to be back in blogsville afist2_6244050-pretty-young-woman-with-arms-raisedter 2 weeks. As you all know, I was freaking out with my semester exams..Since exams ended last Thursday (12th), I'm bit relieved now...

I said 'bit' relieved . Coz there's no time to relax. New semester has already begun. They started off the lectures for the new semester on the very next day after the exams. Not a single day to celebrate the end of exams! *Sighs* According to our semester plan and schedules, we should have got about 5 days of freedom before we burry ourselves in the books once again. But NO! NOT a single day of relief. They have canceled the leave.

I've been looking forward for those holidays so much. For oneist2_3429911-grandfather-and-grandchild thing, I wanted to relax a bit and get some good sleep. But most importantly, i was looking forward to go home. I haven't been there since last October and I so badly wanted to see my mom :(. I miss her so much. And, its my most beloved grandpa's B'day on Monday- 16th Feb. I wanted to be with him on 16th...

It was all those happy prospects which kept me going...But on the last day of our exams..just before we did our last moduleist2_3974419-student-holding-books they put up the new semester schedule along with a notice which announced that all our holidays have been canceled.My spirits sank so low after seeing that notice so that I could hardly concentrate on my last paper..

They are planning to finish about 3 modules in 2 weeks and then give us a week leave to study those and...exams again!! *Is it like this in all medical schools??!!*

Well, there is no point worrying. I need to gear up for another semester...Time to get going !! :)

Saturday, January 31, 2009

The time when I least like myself..

ist2_7134502-hard-life My semi exams are looming so close. Exams will start on 5th. They put up the exam schedule this Friday. I feel lost. I feel like as if I'm in the middle of nowhere. I haven't finished studying. I don't think I can finish revising all before the exams. On top of this, we have lectures until 4th..Not a single damn day of study leave. This time we are having all the Neuro modules and..ohhh..I don't know what I'm going to do.

This is the thing about med school I think.. you can never know everything. Maybe It's planned to prevent that. You can only hope you know enough of the right things and have the balls to go in and take the test anyway..Or maybe its just me feeling this way!

I've been bit confident about some modules ..But now when I tried to go through them quickly..I feel like I doist2_7165689-it-s-time-to-studyn't remember anything...My self esteem is very low now..Its going down with every time I try to remember something and I couldn't ...and It'll be lowest just before the exam..and that's the time I least like myself - those 24 hours preceding the exams!

I wont be around here much till my exams are over. So everyone please excuse me for not being regular with posts or comments on your blogs...I'll catch up with ya all soon after the exams.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rapunzel Rapunzel! Let down thy hair!

Someone is all srapunzel-long-hair2et to become a modern day Rapunzel very soon. Yes its me! And trust me, I'm not so happy about it.

I happen to have very long , thick, black wavy hair. I love my hair of course..But now its getting bit too long and I find it very hard to manage it on my own. I regret having such thick hair only when I find myself having to comb and put all this in a plait when I'm nearly late for the lectures.

I get a hair cut once in every 2 months or so. When I say hair cut, it actually means hair trimming or reshaping it and shortening it up to my waist length. But it grows again too fast and catches up with my mid thigh level before I could trim it again. Just like magic! Cutting it up to my shoulder level should solve this problem. Its not just that..I also love to iron my hair like many other girls :)..But there are two things which impede in carrying out this solution. Firstly, my mom and then -My mind itself! Mom doesn't approve of cutting my hair too short nor ironing. But I know she would allow me to do so, at least reluctantly - only if I could persuade her more. But I find it hard to do that because somewhere in the corner of my mind I'm happy with this hair... Such contradictions..! I'm getting tired of such contradictions of my own mind! *Of course girls minds work in mysterious ways..!*

I asked my friends for some opinion which would help me to marapunzelke up my mind and decide. My friends say I've got gorgeous hair and so not to ruin it. Still some of them say It'll look more lovely if I cut it and iron it. *Thank U..It really helped..I'm more confused now :P.*

During last Christmas holidays I pleaded with my mom so much so that at last she granted permission to do temporary ironing but made me promise to her that I wont cut it too short after ironing. Well, I tried ironing and it was a disaster! My thigh length hair became knee length.. It attracted so many eyes on the streets and shopping malls and I received so many requests to divulge my secret of charming hair *Rolls eyes* I hate it when people stare.. Well anyway I've learned my lesson- Not to iron my hair again without cutting it short :).

Well..In short - I'm now in a kind of dilemma..Torn between the wish to have a new 'easy to manage' hair and a desire to keep my 'hard to manage but lovely to look at' hair. As for now..Until I change my mind again.. I guess I'll have to stand on the top of a tower, put my hair down through a window and wait for my Prince charming :D

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I've been Tagged!

Another Tag..I've been tagged by Brocasarea, Hemanth and Saranya..Thanks everyone.. I've done it at last!!

I had a bit of problem doing it coz the 3 questionnaires were a bit different. So I chose few questions from each.

RULE #1 People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

RULE #2 Tag 6 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by continue this game by sending it to other people.

1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?

If someone truly loves you then they wont betray..True love never knows betrayal.

2. If you can have a dream come true, what would it be?

to be happy alllll the time..

3. Whose butt would you like to kick?

There are too many to list..;)

4. Why do you blog?

Well..Mmm I love to blabber..hehe :)

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?

That'd be wonderful! so why not? ;)

6. Which is more blessed: loving someone or being loved by someone?

I say - both. Either way, it is a blessing that you could feel the love.

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you love?

I really don't know. I'm not intending to wait or rush into a relationship.

8. If the person you secretly like is attached, what will you do?

Well..I'll simply let go, I think. :P

9. If you could root for one social cause, what would it be?

Against war!

10. What takes you down the fastest?

Lies and flirts..

11. What scares you?

Cockroach..!! :(

12. What’s your strength?

Being able to smile everyday despite my problems and worries.. :)

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?

Brocasarea - A hard working medico who loves his studies :)

Hemanth - A Sweet person who'd give everything in friendship. :)

Saranya - A beloved friend who cherishes friendship :)

4. Would you rather be single and rich or married and poor?

Its really hard to say. I prefer the way I am now. But if I love someone poor..then being poor wouldn't stop me from marrying that someone :)

15. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Check the time!

16. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously who will you pick?

I don't think its possible to fall in love with 2 people. True love is meant for only 1.

Falling for 2 people at once is nothing more than infatuation or attraction.

17. Would you give all in a relationship?


18. Would you forgive and forget someone no matter how horrible a thing he has done?

Honestly speaking, I find it hard to forgive easily..It takes me sometime to forget..But I always do forgive & forget in the end..I hate to hold grudge against people..

19. Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?

I'm single now and loving it..!! So I prefer it this way..:)

May be I'll have to eat my words when I end up having an affair..I don't know.. :P

20. Tag 6 people.

This is the hardest part. Everyone I know have already done this tag and 3 of them have tagged me before I could tag any of them..

So I'm tagging anyone who wants to do this tag :)