Sunday, May 17, 2009

Long Hot Summer & the desert island question


Finally it is raining here..Not so heavy ..just little drizzles..But it  feels wonderful to have cooler climate for a change.. The temperature had been so high for many weeks now..always around 32 degree C. It was like sitting in an oven the whole time..The sun was so hot and burning…Imagine having to go out in this weather!!!

It is so hot even in the mornings and the nights are even hotter. No need to use water heater in the morning , coz the tank water is always sooo hot . So instead, you definitely need a water cooler in the bathroom to prevent getting burned up by the hot hot water!

The worst part of it is that 2 days ago, we had a  power cut in the night which lasted for about 3 hours!! 3 looong hotttt darkk hours..Omg! I thought I would die coz of the intense humidity and heat.

Thank goodness..I survived that heat & humidity and I’m still alive..!!

Anyhoodle…this recent ordeal without electricity left me thinking about things that really matter nowadays.. Comforts and luxuries that have become part of our lives that we consider them as essentials..

So I decided to make my own list of must haves, say if I were stranded on a desert island. (I got this idea after reading Tia’s list of must-haves..) what would I really NEED to survive? What could I never live without?  And if these items were narrowed down to a choice of only five, what would I choose to have?

Here we go-

1. My laptop..Now am I supposed to survive without it?  How else could I check my mails, Write this blog, keep in touch with friends..etc? How?? *Well I’m assuming here that I’ll have wi-fi on this desert island ;)  *


2. Insect killer spray!! *You know..I’m very much scared of insects, esp- roaches..and from what I’ve seen in discovery and animal planet, the deserts house many of those insects..Can’t imagine myself staying anywhere without an insect killer*ist2_2052489-the-cockroach

3. Edward Cullen..:)) *Hoping Bella doesn’t get to know about this*     He is the best companion for a girl in a desert island.

Coz he sparkles in the sun, thus attracting passing planes and boosting chances of rescue….  he's cold-skinned so he would be able to keep you cool in even the hottest of tropical temperatures; AND he adds beauty to the surrounding scenery :))  276348~Robert-Pattinson-Posters

4. Mc-Donald's restaurant *C’mon..I need to eat and drink..So why shouldn’t it be my favourite?* As this is MY desert island list, I feel as though I'm entitled to bring whatever I want…hehe:)r219003_857634 5. A luxury cottage..*Duh..I can’t always hang around in sun..Too much sun is not good for skin..and I need somewhere to charge my laptop..Besides..this is MY list, remember? ;))..         * And, dont worry about  Edward, He can share with me ;)) :P ist2_2630797-master-bedroom

Well..that’s my desert island list. What is yours?? :)

Have a great week everyone!!


Priya Joyce said...

congrattz for the am stil in the oven 50 degrees..and over that.power cuts huh!....i simply hate this...after we only are responsible for it:(

brocasarea said...

Mcd??? chance!!:P

Rushabhh Gandhi said...

Nice one...

and 32 degrees is an oven..
then what is....what is... 47 degrees...!!!
We are ready to eat products then..:P

Vani said...

@ PJ
Omg! 50degrees! I dunno if I could survive dat!!

Vani said...

Sorry, but wat is 'Mcd'? Do u mean Mc donalds? If so, den y no chance ?:)))

Vani said...

@ Rushabhh Gandhi
Omg 47degrees!! Couldnt even imagin dat much heat. Yup, if u stand long enough in the sun, den u'll be a kinda roasted meat..Lolz :))

Saranya said...

I'm late, sorry :(
Glad it was raining during summer! It doesn't always happen in SL.

Aww sorry about the power-cut, i can imagine how it would be like to have no electricity during summer.
And ur list of 5, lolz at ur 5th one. Hehehe! Basically you loose nothing even if u were to be in a desert. :D

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