Sunday, January 6, 2013

New year..New prospects..!

Its 2013! Have a fabulous year ahead everyone ! :)

This place has become somewhere where I peek in once every year.. Looks like I'm not getting any better with my time management issues. Or may be its just that Im just too lazy to write up anything.

Last year had been too hectic. And..I know this year is going to be far worse,  with my final year exams and all. I just hope I have it in me to get through.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Last minute problem..

Life is hectic as ever and I still do things in the last always. Why I leave things till the last minute is still a mystery to me. I plan everything ahead and try to work things on time and at times it even looks like I might be able to finish up early. But still..somehow.. when the time comes, I find my self loaded down with so many unfinished tasks and stuff ! Even in the exams, while I write the answers, I plan and allocate time for each question..But in the end, I always find myself scribbling like a maniac to finish on time.

My friends say I seek too much of perfection and control on everything I do and that’s why I take too long to finish..Though I’m not sure about that I must admit I look for satisfaction in whatever I do..Seeking job satisfaction and being a perfectionist are two different least so in my opinion.

I mean, if I’m not happy about what I do, then what’s the point? Ah..well, enough with my ranting. Hope I’ll get the hang of this time problem of mine soon..or may be not  :P

Happy weekend everyone!

Friday, February 10, 2012

The passive observers..

Most of the time people prefer to be just passive observers..Not wanting to get involved..Especially if the situation is tricky and doesn’t  directly involve them..But as it’s famously said- what goes around comes around.

I’m one of those people who speak their mind and act on impulse..somehow it gives me a sense of completeness, sense of relief that I’ve got nothing to hide, nothing to act about. But I almost always get into trouble for that..troubles which initially had nothing to do with me.

Sometimes I wonder whether I should also become a passive observer..and stay out of trouble. It would help  me stay out of trouble..Would keep me away from unnecessary stress..But then I’ll miss being myself..I won’t get that sense of freedom and relief. Unspoken words and the consequences will always haunt me.  I guess its better to be ‘myself’....Outspoken and a trouble magnet.. yet original..

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just for a laugh :)



A cow was kept for viva:

Premed student- its a cow!
Medical student- Perhaps this is a cow!
After MBBS- This may b a cow or a hypopigmented buffalo!
MD/MS- This may be a hypertrophied goat or an atrophied elephant with congenital anomalies

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I’m lovin’ it..

Woke up to a beautiful morning. Its just perfect weather outside..Sky looks like it couldn’t make up its mood..Right now its somewhere between a heavy shower and a beautiful sunshine..Dark grey clouds are everywhere..and teeny tiny dark blue pieces of sky are sneaking from behind. The horizon is streaked with a beautiful tinge of yellowish orange.

I can feel the cool breeze and the occasional rain drops caress my face as I sit next to an open window..It just so beautiful that i wanna sit here all day watching the scene..:)

I tried capturing the scene in my cam..It didn't come out well though..Anyways, pictures and words could hardly justify the real beauty.. 


Saturday, January 1, 2011

It’s 2011..

01-01-11…! New year has begun..Hope this year brings joy, peace and success to everyone…:)


Wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2011..Have a great year ahead..xXx

Monday, December 27, 2010

This and that and a little something !

2011 is just 4 days away..and it feels like this year has passed in a blink. Ahh..well I always feel like that when something is coming to an end :)

I haven’t been around in blogs ville this year. Made only 1 post without counting this... Feeling like a stranger in my own space. Well..I didn't stay away on purpose. I just didn't feel like writing anything… May be i was running out of ideas and topics.. May be I was too busy with my nose buried in ‘bailey and love’..Or maybe it was just me being too lazy.. *typical* ;)


With only 4 days left to say adieu to 2010, I felt like a post is long overdue here..I had no idea about what I was going to write. Nevertheless I just started typing randomly and then..I realized, all of a sudden, how much  I missed this place...All this time I thought I’ve lost my passion for writing..! I think I should put more effort into blogging..Or maybe I should  take care of my time management issues first..!

This Christmas had been really wet, cold and freezing as ever..But not even the heavy rains could dampen the festive spirit..Hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas..For me, the 1 week break for Christmas had been the highlight. :)

Well anyway..This year had been a really busy one..And, the next year is going to be even busier. Just finished the 2nd medicine appointment..and now so looking forward to start my 2nd surgical appointment…I know its going to be tough , hectic and everything..But still I’m sure I’ll enjoy it ! :)

That's enough for one post..Now I should probably get back to revising for the exams…

Cheers everyone..! Wishing you all a very bright 2011..!