Tuesday, September 8, 2009

You know you are a Medical Student when…

I found thins list in the FB page of one of my friends..It may seem  funny to some..But  as a medico I think these are mostly correct:))  I’ve edited a few points which I thought were not so applicable and added some of my own..

1. You wake up at 6am on a weekend although you don't have   work.

2. You feel there is something wrong if you don't have an exam coming up.mban2615l

3. Can’t relax

4. Can wiz through a 500 page book in a day

5. Are expected to know everything.

6. You know the size of a RBC.

7. You are always tired.

8. Watch scrubs and laugh at yourself.

9. When you write more than a thousand words a day.

10. When you look at a person on the beach and the first thing you notice is their appendectomy scar.ksmn1266l

11. If you thought you have a disease you are studying about.

12. Right before exams, you have a hard time remembering why you want to be a doctor

13. You contemplate anything between dropping out and suicide after you finish each exam, even before knowing the results.

14. Your eyesight has worsened by 10 pts or more in the last year

15. You find yourself always carrying a pen even if you're on a night out.

16. You don’t understand why summer vacation is only one month, although summer itself is three months. 

17. If people call you doctor.ggun249l

18. If you can't remember what you ate they day before! but still manage to remember the blood results of every single patient you have.

19. Don't understand what people mean when they talk about the "hospital smell".

20. You count the days till your next more-than-two-days-weekend-break, which is at least 4 months away.

21. You are always thinking about the next job.

22. Are expected to be in two places at the same time. sma0028l

23. Use the phrase "I am a doctor" to get away with something

24. You are more familiar with last names such as Netter, Moore, Grant, Guyton, Robbins, etc than the last names of your classmates

25.  Have no sense of time, place, or matter! rdin313l



brocasarea said...

hehe..some r very true...

but one thing is tht i have never regretted being in this profession:)

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...


After reading this, I'm more than glad that I decided against doing medicine

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...
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Saranya S said...

Yeah some of them are so true.Some of them are funny. I don't think I write thousand words a day..lolz. but I am always tired...can't relax...lol.
Nice post vani.

Vani said...

@ Pratap
Me neither.:))
I chose this field myself nd I'm lovin it..Its the workload which makes me love it I think..Coz I hate to be lazy. :P

Only thing is I sometyms feel sorry for myself when I overwork nd get tired. :)))

Vani said...

@ Harini
Haha..Lucky U huh! :))

As for me.. despite the workload, I never regretted chosing this profession.. But still its hard not to feel sorry for myself whenever I suffer with work nd insomnia..:)))

Vani said...

@ Saranya
Yeah..Thnx sanu

I dont write 1000 words each day either..Except during xams..:)))

Relaxing- Ha..we all r prohibitted to talk abt it, aren't we ?? Lolz:)))

Suree said...

did u experience the 13th point ever???

so how is ur eye sight now...lol..

my friends told me abt scrubs , i may start seeing it soon.

Hemanth Potluri said...

:P...i knew one when i met her :)...scrubs i watch it sometimes not more frequently :)...

well i should definitely keep these points in mind :)..


Vani said...

@ Suree..
13th- Yeah..sure I did..right after each nd every xam..:)))

I recently did LASIK surgery to correct my vision. I dunno whether I'v always had it or not..but my vision did become worse after I got into med college :))

Yeah Scrubs is good:))

Vani said...

@ Hemanth
Haha..Sure u did!! :)))

I'm not very regular with scrubs either..:) Actually I'm not regular with ny of the tv serials :P

Being Pramoda... said...

LOL :)

Nice composition:)

Vani said...

@ Being Pramoda
Thanxx :)) Welcome here :))

Being Pramoda... said...

hey.. I read it again and ..

**If you thought you have a disease you are studying about.

hheeh .. wanna say.. whenever i know about some symptoms of a disease i test my nerves for every second..i feel like i have it ..:) ...so, i can understand this point well :)

Priya Joyce said...

**11. If you thought you have a disease you are studying about. hahaha tat I get evn if am nt a med stude...haha

hypochondria lolzzz

poor medical studes :P:P
tc n all the best :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Inbaraj said...

I am inbaraj from chennai. New visitor to your blog. Your Blog is very nice. Then Happy 25 Anniversary to your parents.

HaRy!! said...

500 pages in a day? OMG!! keep it up..cya around

Tarak said...

I personally like the Profession very much. Although its tough you still have the satisfaction. Great work DOC!!!

Vani said...

Thanx a lot Inbaraj..Welcome here :))

Vani said...

Welcome here HaRy..:)
500 pages in a day..Not unless we leave the work til last min..:P

Vani said...

Welcome here Tarak :)
Yeah..I too love this profession..Otherwise it'd be a nightmare..lol :))

Dr Supriya said...

Hey.. Nice stuff..very funny.. And true.. Can relate to it.. Awesome post.. Will forward it to all my medico friends.. :-)

Vani said...

@ Dr. Supriya
Thanx a ton :))