Saturday, March 21, 2009

A quick update..

I haven't been around here much lately. It’s now more than a month since I last posted anything here..I got lost among my studies..I let the works overpower me..I couldn't find any time to wander around here. But Its no excuse of course. I could have found time if I had wanted to. I’m so bad with time management so that I find 24 hours per day is not enough!

Well anyway..I’ve been feeling a bit low for a while . Don't know why exactly. Might be my workload, Homesick..or anything else.I’ve been so lousy that I didn’t read any blogs lately. I’ll catch up with everyone’s posts soon.

So here is a quick update of what I had been up to since my last post-

*I went home a week after my last post..and stayed there for a week! Yeyy!! Had a pretty good week there. I made some faluda and pudding! *Yeah I know it sounds a bit unreal*. But it is true.

My first time in kitchen- turned out pretty good. Only my mom had any trouble with it- She was worried that I might burn something . So she had been tottering around in kitchen while I was working there :P

Here are few pictures of the results of my 1st kitchen trial-


Apple Moss Pudding

*I’ve spilled the apple cream I made :( So I decorated it with real apples instead! :) *




Same Faluda :P


Mango Flavored Faluda ;)


* Then , now I’m back in batti. Once again immersed in my studies. My phase 1 examinations are looming close (scheduled for July).

* I’ve got a tag to do. Courtesy- Saranya ;)

*I’ve cut my hair. Little above waist length. *Anyhoodle, it is growing back pretty quickly*

*I’ve managed to watch some movies – Outlander, City of Ember, Yes Man, Slumdog Millionaire, Pan’s Labyrinth, Beverly hills Chiwawa, Unborn, confessions of a shopaholic, and Marley and Me.

Apart from all this, life is getting on annoyingly usual..I’m pretty bored..

Have a Great week ahead everyone!