Friday, May 8, 2009

The new Vodafone ads..!

I love the new Vodafone ads shown between IPL matches. Those are so simple and appealing. The creativity amazes me..

Here are a few of those..:)

Its Vesak Full moon Poya day here. So I’m enjoying my time at home.

Have a Happy Weekend everyone..! :)


Hemanth Potluri said...

his name is zoo zoo :)..i tho love all the ads....u know when ever this ad comes i stop at the tv and my frnds and dad make fun of me.....i love these...pj if ur seeing this :P...ur zoozoo is quite famous..:P..thnks for all the comments vani...just loads of love....missing u soo much and u show..thnks so much..


Hemanth Potluri said...

u have a gr8 time at homesay hi to aunty and uncle..enjoy the coming mothers day with ur mom :)..


brocasarea said...

yeah..really nice ads...reminds me of aamirs coke ads...!!

Priya Joyce said...

zoozoo rocks yahooooo i am in love with him :P:P

i want a zoozoo at my home too :P


Priya Joyce said...

@ hemz:

yeha my zoozoo is famous....:P:P

My..super herooo :PP

Rushabhh Gandhi said...

i love it too..they are awesome...:)

Vani said...

Aww Zoo Zoo is it? Nice name :))

As for the comments - No mention hemz..I never wanna miss ur posts :)

Vani said...

@ Pratap
Yeah :))
Amir's coke ads- Like dem too :)

Vani said...

@ PJ
yeah..Zoo Zoo really rocks !! :)

Vani said...

@ Rushabhh Gandhi
Hey welcome here..Thanks for the comment :)

Yeah dey r awesome indeed :))

Saranya said...

Cute and nice ads :))