Saturday, January 31, 2009

The time when I least like myself..

ist2_7134502-hard-life My semi exams are looming so close. Exams will start on 5th. They put up the exam schedule this Friday. I feel lost. I feel like as if I'm in the middle of nowhere. I haven't finished studying. I don't think I can finish revising all before the exams. On top of this, we have lectures until 4th..Not a single damn day of study leave. This time we are having all the Neuro modules and..ohhh..I don't know what I'm going to do.

This is the thing about med school I think.. you can never know everything. Maybe It's planned to prevent that. You can only hope you know enough of the right things and have the balls to go in and take the test anyway..Or maybe its just me feeling this way!

I've been bit confident about some modules ..But now when I tried to go through them quickly..I feel like I doist2_7165689-it-s-time-to-studyn't remember anything...My self esteem is very low now..Its going down with every time I try to remember something and I couldn't ...and It'll be lowest just before the exam..and that's the time I least like myself - those 24 hours preceding the exams!

I wont be around here much till my exams are over. So everyone please excuse me for not being regular with posts or comments on your blogs...I'll catch up with ya all soon after the exams.


brocasarea said...

hey relax....just try ur best and concentrate on ur preparation...good luck:)

Vani said...

@ brocasarea
Thanx :)
Ya I'm trying my best to concentrate on revising wat I can.

Hemanth Potluri said...

i saw ur blog post 2 days bac on my cell ph but was not able to :)...just relax doc :)...ur doin much better...then me :P...i was soo lazy even before the exam was done :) just dont forget me :) and gud luck to u :)...


Alice said...

Just relax and try ur best.. good luck in every exams!^^


Saranya said...

Don't stress too much avout it, and be calm and relaxed. Don't make any silly mistakes like I did in the exams.
All the best well!

Vani said...

@ Hemanth
Thanks :)
Ye..I'm lazy too esp-juz before the exams. nd I become verry active juz after the xams!

Vani said...

Thanx hun. :)

Vani said...

@ Saranya
Thanx sanu :)
Silly mistakes-I always make some :S
Hope not to make ny dis tym
Lets c.
Done 4 modules. Still 4 more to go.

Alice said...

Hey.. thanks for plenty of comments on my page.. how were ur exams??? still in process, or already finished???

Vani said...
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Vani said...

No mention hun. I love reading ur posts :)
Exams are over. Did alright I think :)
But no holidays :(
Still having lectures nd clinicals all the tym :(