Thursday, December 25, 2008

Have a Blessed Christmas..

Its Christmas already.. I came back from home yesterday morning.

I had a great time in Colombo. Did lots of Shopping, visited my friends and been to movies. Had great fun! Didn't study anything at all though :(

Yesterday hadn't been a good day for me altogether..Had a pretty tough day. Firstly, the train which I traveled collided with an elephant on the way! Luckily for us, the train didn't derail from the tract. But very unfortunately the elephant died in the spot. It was a huge one. We were in the middle of a forest line and we had to wait many hours before the railway people turned up , moved the elephant out of the tract and repaired the railings. The accident happened at 1am in the morning and we were able to move again only at 5.30 am - More than 4 hours delay..On top of this, I'm having a bad head cold and fever since y'day. Maybe its because I traveled in an A/C compartment on a very frosty night. I feel bit better today, and hope I'll be fine soon.

Well its Christmas today..I'm sure this day will be better than the one I left behind. Hope everyone is having a nice time.

These are some snaps I clicked away in a shopping mall l. I liked the decorations. (Pictures are not much clear as I took them with my mob :P Last one is blurred..I took it while on move. :) )


Merry Christmas Everyone..!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Joining in the Holiday spirit..!

Holidays at last..! Just 1 week though..:( *sigh*. Well still its holiday..!! :) I'll be able to get up anytime I want and do anything I least for a few days..Yey! Isn't that wonderful..? *Whoops*

I know I shouldn't be photo-holidaysfeeling too relaxed as my exams are looming nearer and I'm supposed to be revising during these days..But..all the same- I couldn't help feeling elated and relaxed. Well, I'm not going to study anything today, at the very least :). I've spent the whole evening listening to my precious Harry potter Audio book (Currently 6th one - Half blood Prince) I'm mad about Harry and I've read the whole series more than 20 times..Nowadays I don't get much time to sit relaxing with HP and I listen to the audio books instead, while I'm eating, driving, washing, etc..Audio books are good but still..there's nothing better than reading a book yourself..Yep, I prefer reading myself.

Christmas celebrations have begun already..Though the celebrations and preparations are bit quieter than usual. Or perhaps its just me imagining like that.

Another Christmas & another year ahead of us..I don't think the world has changed much except for the outbreak of few more wars and spread of poverty and sufferings..Even as you're reading this.. many people are suffering, killed or being deprived of food and my mother land as well as in many parts of the world..There are many children around the world who doesn't even get the Christmas scent in the air.. As I think of it, I realize how very fortunate and blessed I am..If there's anything I wish for this Christmas, it is Peace and Love for everyone in the world.

I love this song by Late Singer Melanie Thornton -"Wonderful dream of Peace and love for everyone..." I love the lyrics and music.. One of my favorite Christmas season songs..

I wish this dream comes true someday..:)

I'm going home to Colombo tomorrow morning. I'm not going to stay there for long though. Planning to get back here on Wednesday and revise at least for 3 days.. Mom and Dad are not happy about me getting back early. They feel that I ought to stay till college reopens....Typical.. ;)

So Until I get back..BYE everyone..Have a great week end, Happy Holidays and Advanced Christmas wishes to alllll...:)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another Rainy day..

Its raining again today..Well actually it has been raining ever since October.. I didn't get a glimpse of clear blue sky since then..The constant pitter patter on the windows.. and I haven't been properly dry for a long now..always looking as if I had been drowned ..Ohh..grrrr..I hate it..I wish this would be over soon.. We're frequently getting cyclone warnings as well..Thankfully, cyclone didnt turn up..

Its not as though I always hate rain..I lovvve it as long as I'm well inside my house, dry, warm and all..It feels like heaven when I sit relaxed with a hot cup of coffee in one hand and a book in the other, hearing the rain splashing against my windows..I even like getting bit wet in drizzling rain..But to get drenched in heavy rain for this loooong..Gosh..!! its too bad...I'm soaked to the skin.

I go to bed every day wishing that It'd stop raining in the morning..But never had that wish come true. It doesn't even dawn properly these days..Always dark..I hate to get off my bed, have a chilling bath, get dressed and go to university in this down pour..hmm but no choice.

On top of this, my university life is getting harder each day..Loads of work..I'm having to submit at least an assignment every week. Neuro lectures are driving me mad..The lectures are going on in a top speed and I'm having to to read it all up before every other lecture. To add to the list of worries, exams are looming nearer..and I feel as if I'm lagging behind in every module..I'm desperate to get a break..and eagerly looking forward for the Christmas holidays which would be on next week..

Below are the snaps which I took with my mob , back in October, when we last had a clear blue sky....Now all I could do is just to look at them and wish this rain to stop..

PS: Thank you so much for my friend hemanth who made a sweet post on my B'day this November.. :)