Saturday, February 14, 2009

And...Another semester swings in..!

Heyya everyone! It feels good to be back in blogsville afist2_6244050-pretty-young-woman-with-arms-raisedter 2 weeks. As you all know, I was freaking out with my semester exams..Since exams ended last Thursday (12th), I'm bit relieved now...

I said 'bit' relieved . Coz there's no time to relax. New semester has already begun. They started off the lectures for the new semester on the very next day after the exams. Not a single day to celebrate the end of exams! *Sighs* According to our semester plan and schedules, we should have got about 5 days of freedom before we burry ourselves in the books once again. But NO! NOT a single day of relief. They have canceled the leave.

I've been looking forward for those holidays so much. For oneist2_3429911-grandfather-and-grandchild thing, I wanted to relax a bit and get some good sleep. But most importantly, i was looking forward to go home. I haven't been there since last October and I so badly wanted to see my mom :(. I miss her so much. And, its my most beloved grandpa's B'day on Monday- 16th Feb. I wanted to be with him on 16th...

It was all those happy prospects which kept me going...But on the last day of our exams..just before we did our last moduleist2_3974419-student-holding-books they put up the new semester schedule along with a notice which announced that all our holidays have been canceled.My spirits sank so low after seeing that notice so that I could hardly concentrate on my last paper..

They are planning to finish about 3 modules in 2 weeks and then give us a week leave to study those and...exams again!! *Is it like this in all medical schools??!!*

Well, there is no point worrying. I need to gear up for another semester...Time to get going !! :)