Friday, December 19, 2008

Joining in the Holiday spirit..!

Holidays at last..! Just 1 week though..:( *sigh*. Well still its holiday..!! :) I'll be able to get up anytime I want and do anything I least for a few days..Yey! Isn't that wonderful..? *Whoops*

I know I shouldn't be photo-holidaysfeeling too relaxed as my exams are looming nearer and I'm supposed to be revising during these days..But..all the same- I couldn't help feeling elated and relaxed. Well, I'm not going to study anything today, at the very least :). I've spent the whole evening listening to my precious Harry potter Audio book (Currently 6th one - Half blood Prince) I'm mad about Harry and I've read the whole series more than 20 times..Nowadays I don't get much time to sit relaxing with HP and I listen to the audio books instead, while I'm eating, driving, washing, etc..Audio books are good but still..there's nothing better than reading a book yourself..Yep, I prefer reading myself.

Christmas celebrations have begun already..Though the celebrations and preparations are bit quieter than usual. Or perhaps its just me imagining like that.

Another Christmas & another year ahead of us..I don't think the world has changed much except for the outbreak of few more wars and spread of poverty and sufferings..Even as you're reading this.. many people are suffering, killed or being deprived of food and my mother land as well as in many parts of the world..There are many children around the world who doesn't even get the Christmas scent in the air.. As I think of it, I realize how very fortunate and blessed I am..If there's anything I wish for this Christmas, it is Peace and Love for everyone in the world.

I love this song by Late Singer Melanie Thornton -"Wonderful dream of Peace and love for everyone..." I love the lyrics and music.. One of my favorite Christmas season songs..

I wish this dream comes true someday..:)

I'm going home to Colombo tomorrow morning. I'm not going to stay there for long though. Planning to get back here on Wednesday and revise at least for 3 days.. Mom and Dad are not happy about me getting back early. They feel that I ought to stay till college reopens....Typical.. ;)

So Until I get back..BYE everyone..Have a great week end, Happy Holidays and Advanced Christmas wishes to alllll...:)


Saranya said...

Wow..You have read HP series that many times? LOL..
That would be my wish as well this new year. Hope it comes true soon :)
Have a wonderful holiday with lots of fun :)
Take Care.

brocasarea said...

have never read HP...though have watched the first 4 movies....

enjoy the holidays!!:)

Hemanth Potluri said...

Happy holidays vani ..:)...rock it :)...miss ya friend have a good time with ur family :)...


aneri_masi said...

Hi Vani, thanks for visiting my blog and reminding me of my own lesson :) I needed to act on it too!

Vani said...

Yep, I've read HP series 22 times already (without counting the Audio books) :) Well..Thats y I say I'm mad abt it ;)

Vani said...

Thnx :)
I dont fancy the HP movies that much..I feel they dont do justice to the books..
Try those books when u r free, U'll definetely like it. :)

Vani said...

Thnx buddy :)

Vani said...

No mention :)
I really liked the way u shared it.