Thursday, December 25, 2008

Have a Blessed Christmas..

Its Christmas already.. I came back from home yesterday morning.

I had a great time in Colombo. Did lots of Shopping, visited my friends and been to movies. Had great fun! Didn't study anything at all though :(

Yesterday hadn't been a good day for me altogether..Had a pretty tough day. Firstly, the train which I traveled collided with an elephant on the way! Luckily for us, the train didn't derail from the tract. But very unfortunately the elephant died in the spot. It was a huge one. We were in the middle of a forest line and we had to wait many hours before the railway people turned up , moved the elephant out of the tract and repaired the railings. The accident happened at 1am in the morning and we were able to move again only at 5.30 am - More than 4 hours delay..On top of this, I'm having a bad head cold and fever since y'day. Maybe its because I traveled in an A/C compartment on a very frosty night. I feel bit better today, and hope I'll be fine soon.

Well its Christmas today..I'm sure this day will be better than the one I left behind. Hope everyone is having a nice time.

These are some snaps I clicked away in a shopping mall l. I liked the decorations. (Pictures are not much clear as I took them with my mob :P Last one is blurred..I took it while on move. :) )


Merry Christmas Everyone..!


Priya Joyce said...

merry Christmas to you dear...

brocasarea said...

Merry Christmas :)...have a nice weekend

Saranya said...

Merry christmas..hope u r having a wonderful day :)

Hemanth Potluri said...

merry Christmas dear doctor :)..hope u had good time :)..

how was the dancing me :P..


Vani said...

@ Priya Joyce
Thanks & welcome here :)

Vani said...

Thanks :)

Vani said...

Thanks Sanu :)

Vani said...

Thanks hemanth.
Ye dancing santa hemanth..!That was really funny. Had a good laugh :)

Twisted Elegance.... said...

Merry Christmas!

Vani said...

@Twisted Elegance
Thanx and welcome here :)

Alice said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..

Thanks for dropping by on my blog!!^^

Vani said...

Thanks and wish u the same :)