Friday, February 17, 2012

Last minute problem..

Life is hectic as ever and I still do things in the last always. Why I leave things till the last minute is still a mystery to me. I plan everything ahead and try to work things on time and at times it even looks like I might be able to finish up early. But still..somehow.. when the time comes, I find my self loaded down with so many unfinished tasks and stuff ! Even in the exams, while I write the answers, I plan and allocate time for each question..But in the end, I always find myself scribbling like a maniac to finish on time.

My friends say I seek too much of perfection and control on everything I do and that’s why I take too long to finish..Though I’m not sure about that I must admit I look for satisfaction in whatever I do..Seeking job satisfaction and being a perfectionist are two different least so in my opinion.

I mean, if I’m not happy about what I do, then what’s the point? Ah..well, enough with my ranting. Hope I’ll get the hang of this time problem of mine soon..or may be not  :P

Happy weekend everyone!

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broca's area said...

may be ur planning too out!...