Saturday, March 19, 2011

I’m lovin’ it..

Woke up to a beautiful morning. Its just perfect weather outside..Sky looks like it couldn’t make up its mood..Right now its somewhere between a heavy shower and a beautiful sunshine..Dark grey clouds are everywhere..and teeny tiny dark blue pieces of sky are sneaking from behind. The horizon is streaked with a beautiful tinge of yellowish orange.

I can feel the cool breeze and the occasional rain drops caress my face as I sit next to an open window..It just so beautiful that i wanna sit here all day watching the scene..:)

I tried capturing the scene in my cam..It didn't come out well though..Anyways, pictures and words could hardly justify the real beauty.. 



Saranya S said...

Aww! Where is this colombo? The pictures look lovely and warm :)

Vani said...

thanx sanu :)
Yeah, it is colombo. A view from my flat. :)

Chriz said...

shud visit someday

Vani said...

U r most welcome :)