Friday, October 10, 2008


LASIK- that's the acronym for laser assisted in-situ keratomileusis. More simply -Its an eye surgery done with Laser rays to correct the refractive error. And guess what...I'm going to do that Lasik thing for my eyes tomorrow evening. My left eye power is -2.5 and my right eye is -0.5. Few months before only I found out that I have this problem in my left eye. Started so suddenly actually. Ever since, I've consulted many eye surgeons and all of them said nothing to worry and to wear glasses. I tried to do so even though I hated wearing glasses. But wearing glasses brought me headaches. So..I sometimes rarely wear glasses during lectures and thats all..It again resulted in recurrent headaches. I also felt as if my vision was getting worse each day. . I've never liked contact lenses as I've always had an idea that it would be painful and time-consuming.

Recently my Dad came to know about this laser treatment which would bring back my normal vision without glasses, and he kept insisting that I should do that..So, finally I agreed to that. Actually I agreed to that rather enthusiastically but now that I'm very close to doing it, I feel a bit scared..

I'll be leaving to colombo tomorrow early morning. My surgery is due at 5pm tomorrow.

I'll catch up with you all after I come back. Hopefully I'll be back here on Monday.. Until then - Bye everyone. See you all with my new LASIK eyes.. :)


The following are lovely pictures from Hemanth..Thanks a lot buddy :)


ANWESA said...

all the best!!happy journey!!

Hemanth Potluri said...

have a happy journey and dont be frighted it wud be a simple operation :)...

and thnks for puting up the pics i gave :) so sweet of u :)..


Saranya said...

aww, good luck to you!
This was something new to me. LASIK!! Hmm... Don't be scared, it will def be fine :) tc.

brocasarea said...

oh lasik...they change the surface of cornea to correct ur R.I no...had seen it once last year during ophth postings...all the best

Vani said...

Welcome here and Thanks a lot budddy..:)

Vani said...


Thanks hemanth.. :)

And, dont thank me for putting up those pics.. I should really thank u for troubling to make those for me. Thnx a lot. :)

Vani said...

Thanx sanu..
It all went fine really :)

Vani said...

@ brocasarea
Thanx buddy.. :)
ya, in my case they concaved the cornea to correct the refractive error..

brocasarea said...

@ ru now?

Vani said...

@ brocasarea.
I'm ok nw. So much pain on the night after surgery. But nw ok. Just dryness of the eyes..